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Say Hello To A Niche Network Era
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Earlier, we reported on Boomj, a niche social network aimed at a subset of younger Baby Boomers. Niche social networks are popping up more often and growing at a nice pace.

The Other Boomers Get A Social Network
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If you didn’t know there was a Generation Jones, you’re not alone, and those of this generation are not alone either – a new social network called Boomj.com aims to connect them, ridding them of the more ominous moniker, "the lost generation."

AOL Massages Video Portal

The redesign to AOL Video integrated its Truveo video search technology with the updates delivered by the website.

Google Expands On Net Neutrality Issues

Richard Whitt, Washington Telecom and Media Counsel Google has put together a three-part blog post outlining Google’s approach to Net Neutrality, what the company feels is okay for broadband providers to do, what’s not okay, and where they have misled the public.

Using Social Media To Market

Yahoo has some suggestions for using social media to market one’s website. With a little planning, the Diggs and Flickrs of the world can provide a boost.

Facebook, Friendster Signal Changing Tide
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The world of social networking is changing, but don’t worry, it’s not permanent. It’s more of a tide than anything that reaches and recedes from all things. MySpace is changing, Facebook is catching, and Friendster is resurrected.

eBay’s “Experiment” with Google AdWords

eBay is back advertising on Google’s AdWords network, after completing what it called a planned “experiment” to go one week without relying on Google. (In case you need a refresher,

Google – The Web’s Largest Social Network
Blogging, email, IM, and telephone make it easy to keep in touch with your real friends. Social networks are hyped, but tend to have low value traffic because they don’t effectively separate signal from noise. The only people who have time for them are people hawking crap, people looking to waste time, and spam bots.

Sure Google owns Orkut, but they don’t need it. Google already is a social network, and became one by targeting and partnering with the power users and influencers, but few people think of them as a social network.

Social Network Users Get Around

Users of social networks are not very brand loyal according to Parks Associates "Web 2.0 & the New Net" report.

TripAdvisor Launches Traveler Network

TripAdvisor has launched a traveler network that allows its users to find friends and plan their travel more efficiently.


New Network At TripAdvisor
New Network At TripAdvisor
EBay Sellers Get Some Help, Online and Off
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The eBay Developers Conference in Boston offers up some juicy tidbits for online retailers, from forthcoming third-party applications and research tools to ways to hire certified developers to create widgets for your website.

Google, Yahoo Vie For India’s Attention

It looks like one lucky American search engine may soon cozy up to the Indian government – both Google and Yahoo are in talks with India’s National Informatics Centre.

JGoogle, Yahoo Vie For India's Attention
"Google, Yahoo Vie For India’s Attention"
JGoogle, Yahoo Vie For India's Attention

Google Reaches Into RSS & Social Network Ads

In 2005 JupiterResearch noted that less than 10 percent of RSS feeds had advertising in them, and no major advertisers were using feeds as part of their marketing strategies. 

How the times have changed. 

Google is acquiring Feedburner and sees it as a way for its base of hundreds of thousands of advertisers to reach some of the most active groups of Web users — social network members who use mini-applications called widgets or the growing audience surfing the Internet over mobile phones, executives said.

The Month of Acquisitions

There were numerous partnerships and acquisitions in the month of May, which included a lot of dollars changing hands. Let’s look at some of the major deals that went down this past month

Facebook f8? Read The Fine Print
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The terms and conditions of Facebook’s new f8 development platform may give its targeted developer audience pause before firing up the IDE and getting to work.

Yahoo Publisher Network Offers PayPal
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Site publishers have wanted a faster payment method than waiting for snail mail to bring a check for their ad display earnings.

Features Of The Ideal Family Social Network
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Almost everyone I know is sharing photos online with family, and some more web savvy families have full groups set up online to correspond with other family members across the world. 

MySpace Gets 80% of Social Network Visits

We all knew that MySpace was the dominant social networking darling, but we may not have realized that MySpace controls almost 80% of the social networking market. Yikes!

Google to Launch UK Mobile Network?

How can you not trust any rumor that starts with: “We’ve heard from a good source…”?

Rumor: Google to Buy FeedBurner?

It’s Friday, which must mean it’s time to crank up the rumor mill to “11″ and get speculative. :-)

Primedia “Ride” Contest Has Microsoft Ties

There are a lot of fingers in this pie – or, more accurately, this gas tank – but Primedia Automotive, which “consists of more than 58 Web sites for its automotive enthusiast titles,” has launched a new “Ride of the Month” contest that should draw in hundreds (or thousands) of car buffs, a number of advertisers, and Microsoft itself.

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