FCC Proposes Net Neutrality Protection Plan

FCC Proposes Net Neutrality Protection Plan

By Chris Crum September 21, 2009 | 1 Comment

This morning FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski gave a speech, detailing a proposal for keeping the Internet open for access to consumers, and protecting net neutrality. The proposal would prevent ISPs from discriminating against certain services, apps, or viewpoints on the web. It would also require those ISPs to be transparent about their network management practices.

Wall Street Journal Stabs At Net Neutrality


It’s interesting, but not surprising, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is the target of a scathing editorial by the Wall Street Journal. He’s an easy and popular target these days from both sides of just about any issue involving the FCC. He stinks. Everybody knows it.

Akamai As Proof Of A Non-Neutral Net?


An interesting Net Neutrality micro-debate has surfaced surrounding Akamai and whether Akamai’s services are a violation of Net Neutrality principles. This argument, produced by an influential Internet law professor, was used to illustrate that the Internet has never been neutral.

Akamai As Proof Of A Non-Neutral Net?

AT&T Concessions Prove Meaningless

Remember how after AT&T made Net Neutrality concessions to get their merger with BellSouth approved, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin was so quick to remind everybody that the FCC had no teeth to enforce that? Well, the lack of teeth is coming back to bite us.

Let’s review. At the end of 2006, Martin had this to say about making sure AT&T followed it’s own commitment to maintaining a neutral network:

FCC To Investigate Comcast, Verizon

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin Martin says the regulatory agency will investigate allegations that Comcast interferes with p2p Internet traffic. He also said Verizon Wireless would be under the microscope after complaints the company blocked text messages from an abortion rights group.

ISP Hijacks Google Homepage

Controversy is brewing over a Canadian ISP inserting customer messages at the top Google’s homepage, brought to you by Yahoo.

Hong Kong’s Broadband Is How Fast?

In case you’re still convinced there’s a true open market in broadband space and the handful of companies running it are sufficient competition for each other, consider this: in Hong Kong, you can get a fiber-to-the-home connection 20 times faster than Verizon’s FiOS connection for about the same price.

Kerry Urges FCC To Open Up Spectrum Auction

Former Presidential candidate and Massachusetts senator John Kerry weighed in on the upcoming 700 MHz wireless spectrum auction, asking the Federal Communications Commission not to close off bidding to incumbent telecommunication and cable companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast.

Sen. Dorgan Praises Net Neutrality Coalition

Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) criticized both AT&T head Ed Whitacre and Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) for their efforts against Network Neutrality protections during a conference call with reporters today, as the SaveTheInternet.com coalition celebrated its first anniversary.

Senator Ripped For Tricky Net Neutral Wording

Proponents of Network Neutrality have been relentless at highlighting individual Congress members’ failings to protect Internet freedom. Senators John McCain and Ted Stevens have felt the heat in past weeks. This week, the heat is on Virginia Senator George Allen, who MoveOn.org believes tried to pull a fast one on his website.

Forbes Magazine Publisher Anti Network Neutrality

I don’t agree with his position, but Steve Forbes makes some good points against Network Neutrality on PodTech.net today. Catherine Girardeau (who’ll be my coworker at PodTech starting on July 6) did an awesome job interviewing Steve.