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Microsoft To Give RIM The Netscape Treatment

Steve Ballmer announces new features for Windows Mobile 5.0 that will support wireless options in Exchange Server 2003 SP2.

Microsoft Blogger Claims Netscape Breaks IE

A Microsoft senior program manager for Internet Explorer says an XML rendering problem now exists.

Netscape 8: Microsoft Has A Problem

Netscape 8 may have hit another snag in the one time browsing giant’s effort to move back into the market place. Microsoft reported the browser doesn’t work the XML function of Internet Explorer (IE). Microsoft is telling people not to fool with Netscape 8.

Netscape 8 Wrecks IE Rendering: Uninstall Suggested

Senior program manager for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Dave Massey announced in his web log on Wednesday that after installing Netscape 8, the XML rendering capabilities of IE stopped working.

Netscape 8 Goes From Zero Bugs To 41 In Just Hours

We’ve heard from AOL about the security issues. Updating to Netscape 8.0.1 makes it as safe as Firefox 1.0.4.

Netscape 8.0: Whats the Point?

Ok, so we’ve got a new web browser out. A few years ago, everyone would’ve been jonesin’ for the Netscape but now they’re really a non-entity. The once mighty browser pales in comparison to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) and even the much smaller Firefox by Mozilla.

Netscape 8.0: Browsing Your Options

Once king-of-the-hill Netscape, which has in recent times been reduced to a dismal 1% market share (compared with Internet Explorer’s 88%, and Firefox’s 9%), released its latest browser today, Netscape 8.0. The browser boasts two remedies for today’s Internet woes: phishing and spyware protection and a cure for incompatible web standards.

Netscape 8 Launches With Anti-Phishing Tools

Once the preeminent web browser, Netscape fell into the background, overshadowed by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Netscape Releases Beta Version Of Their Upcoming Browser

There is something to be said about persistence. A never-say-die attitude can make a company continue to improve a product many perceived as being dead.

AOL Canada and Star Choice Sign Agreement to Offer Netscape Accelerated Internet Service
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New Netscape Online accelerated service up to five times faster, for less cost than standard dial-up services.