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Netflix Agrees to Delete Rental History

Back in February, video rental service Netflix paid a hefty fine for violating the Video Privacy Protection Act, by keeping rental logs on all of its users who cancelled their subscriptions. Netflix asserted that they kept the records just in case a user might resubscribe, to better direct its recommendation algorithm, which presently guides roughly 75% of viewership. There had …

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Nielsen’s Latest U.S. Media Trends

Nielsen has just submitted the second part of its State of the Media: Advertising & Audiences Report, which sheds light on DVR usage, as well as viewership of streaming content platforms like Hulu, YouTube and Netflix, who appears to making a real recovery from its recent missteps. The use of mobile devices while watching TV was also looked at, which …

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Netflix Recommendation Algorithm Directs 75% of Viewership

According to a tech blog post from Netflix, the company’s recommendation engine drives 75% of content viewership for the service. In 2006, the company announced its Netflix Prize, a machine learning and data mining competition regarding movie rating prediction. Netflix offered a $1 million prize to see who could come up with the best recommendation algorithm, and BellKor’s Pragmatic Chaos …

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