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Netflix Recommendation Algorithm Directs 75% of Viewership

According to a tech blog post from Netflix, the company’s recommendation engine drives 75% of content viewership for the service. In 2006, the company announced its Netflix Prize, a machine learning and data mining competition regarding movie rating prediction. Netflix offered a $1 million prize to see who could come up with the best recommendation algorithm, and BellKor’s Pragmatic Chaos …

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Netflix Announces Contest Winner…Finally

Update: Nefflix officially announced the winner of the first contents today, and the beginning of the second contest. The winner of the first one is a team of engineers, statisticians and researchers. 

Read the release here.

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Netflix Prize Contest Closes After Nearly 3 Years

If you follow Netflix news at all, you probably know that the company has had a contest in place for nearly three years. The prize was a million dollars, and the point of the contest was to see who could improve upon the site’s recommendation algorithm by 10%.

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Netflix Dataset Cracked, Subscribers Profiled

Netflix offered a million dollar reward to anyone who could improve upon their recommendation engine by ten percent. Two researchers accomplished a lot more with the “anonymized” dataset.

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Progress Made Towards Netflix Prize

A number of people were suspicious when the Netflix Prize was announced. $1 million isn’t much of a reward, some complained, and others believed that it would be difficult to improve upon the site’s movie recommendation algorithm. Now, a little over one week into the contest, three teams have already beaten the existing system.

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