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When They Turn On The Grid, Neutrality Matters
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The future, probably without the flying cars, the one you see in the movies with holograms, with instant and ubiquitous informational access and unbelievable computer processing capabilities, isn’t too far off. It won’t be built on the current Internet, though. The Internet is totally 20th Century. The red button on the Grid will be pushed this summer, and will change everything—again.

Comcast Working With BitTorrent

Taking a less heavy-handed approach than the outright blocking of BitTorrent traffic, Comcast announced the company has begun negotiating ways for simultaneous existence. The announcement comes at a time when Comcast desperately needs to diffuse public, regulatory, and legislative concerns about Network Neutrality.

There’s also the Time Warner WiMax deal to think about.

Verizon’s Proud Of Its Slowness
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Verizon’s very excited that 12 eastern states now officially have access to its "new ulra-fast" 7 megabits per second High Speed Internet Service. The issued a very excited-sounding press release about it. The release is maybe limited to a few US states because if released in Hong Kong, they’d just laugh at them.

Comcast Is Blocktastic
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Here’s some news to make you feel icky all over: Comcast paid disinterested uninterested squatters and employees to fill up the room at the FCC hearing at Harvard Law. With supporters and ambivalent attendees taking up real estate 90 minutes beforehand, protestors were unable to enter the building.

Sound Bites From The Comcast Hearing
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Yesterday’s FCC "hearing" to discuss Comcast’s interference with BitTorrent traffic was more "dogpile on the cable shill." Comcast chose executive VP David Cohen as the bullet-catcher/gauntlet-runner/sacrificial lamb, and Verizon sent its own executive VP, Tom Tauke, presumably for moral support.

Stakes Are High For Comcast Hearing
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Cable is on course to be the next decade’s dial-up. With limited capacity, cable companies are in a pickle: manipulate network traffic like Comcast has been doing (which customers and perhaps the government won’t stand for) or go back to metered pricing, which is going back ten years in business model, like Time Warner has done, which customers ultimately won’t stand for, especially as more competition comes around.

Topic of Net Neutrality Gains Momentum
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Net neutrality is a hot issue among groups such as public interest groups, Internet startups, and even political groups; however, recent developments have added to the popularity.

Net Neutrality Gets Two Wins

Net Neutrality supporters got two major victories this week since the introduction of legislation designed to protect Internet users, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has scheduled a public hearing about the issue for later this month.

Already the troops have gathered on both sides of the issue, some on grassroots, others on Astroturf.

Net Neutrality Gets Two Wins

Google Endorses Markey’s Net Neutrality Bill

A bipartisan bill to make net neutrality a core tenet of US broadband policy received an introduction to the House of Representatives today.

Save The Internet

The fine folks over at SaveTheInternet.com are at it again.

Thanks to Rep. Ed Markey the Net Neutrality issue is back on the table.

Law School Symposium on Net Neutrality
A friend of mine at the San Francisco Law school just let me know about a symposium the law school is holding on Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality Groups Press FCC

Free Press, the organization behind SaveTheInternet.com, responded to the Federal Communications Commission’s expressed intent to investigate Comcast and Verizon Wireless over alleged content blocking. The group urged the FCC to respond quickly in order to protect the free flow of information on all networks.

Clinton’s Broadband Proposals Losing Support
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Those (derogatorily or not) considered on the left side of the political spectrum seem to be turning on Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, especially in regard to her plan for expanding broadband access.

FCC Looking into Comcast

Back in November, we mentioned how Free Press and other groups wanted ISP/cable company Comcast brought before the FCC for the way the company imitated users on BitTorrent to terminate downloads. And now, the FCC will be looking into it—at least according to Chairman Kevin Martin, speaking at CES.

French, Canadians, (Mark) Cuban Go After P2P

Torrents and peer-to-peer networks have had a rough couple of weeks lately. In addition to Cox and Comcast’s recent blocking of torrent sites, file-sharing has been under assault in France and Canada, not to mention from billionaire Mark Cuban.

First Comcast, Now Cox Busted ‘Managing’ Traffic

Comcast’s BitTorrent snafu set off another investigation of a cable provider and yielded similar results. This time it’s Cox’s interference with file-sharing service eDonkey setting Net Neutrality alarms.

The Writers Strike And The Future Of The Net

The Writers Guild of America strike has been an interesting debacle to watch, complete with a host of issues the public might not have thought of before. The inevitable convergence of the Internet and TV is one of them; the continued homogenization of American culture is another.

Is Hillary Abandoning Net Neutrality?

Unfortunately, Net Neutrality won’t be a make-or-break campaign issue, even if it should be. For most voters, it’s a fairly heady concept, perhaps so difficult supporters worry frontrunner Hillary Clinton is backing away from it altogether.

Obama To Unveil Plans At The Googleplex

Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama will be speaking at the Googleplex tonight to outline his plan to ensure not only an open Internet, but also an open government that utilizes technology to solve pressing national issues.

FCC Gets Monkey’s Paw From Telco Front Group

You might say it’s a sort of monkey’s paw that Hands Off the Internet, an AT&T-backed "grass roots" organization has called on the FCC to investigate Comcast for violating the four principles of Network Neutrality. On the surface, it looks like progress. But can it be trusted?

House Committee Approves Broadband Census Act

Back to back bills in the Congress offer a glimmer of hope to those concerned about the state of broadband penetration in America; back to back moves show a Congress willing to step up where the Federal Communications Commission has failed.

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