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Wine Glasses: Be Classy And Nerdy This Christmas

Wine glasses are no longer a status symbol. Everybody and their mother can enjoy wine these days, including nerds. If you have a nerdy wine lover in your family, you might want to check out a few of these gift ideas. Over at Etsy, there’s a wide range of creators making custom wine glasses based on various nerd properties, like …

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Wil Wheaton Hosts A New Show For Geeks

Wil Wheaton, star of Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Big Bang Theory has a treat for geeks all over the world. On Tuesday night, his new show entitled The Wil Wheaton Project debuted on the SyFy channel. Reports say that the show was Wil’s own idea. He pitched the idea to the SyFy network and they liked it. …

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What Kind Of Geek Are You? [Infographic]

Have you ever wondered what kind of geek you are? Have you ever wanted an easy guide on how to identify other geeks? Well the boys over at have done exactly that. In infographic form, they have compiled an end all list of types of geeks. The infographic, titled “The Sacred Order Of Geeks,” features, comic book geeks, Apple …

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