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Neptune Inner Moon Naiad Rediscovered in Hubble Images

Astronomers this week announced that Neptune’s small inner moon, named Naiad, has been spotted for the first time since the Voyager 2 probe left Neptune’s orbit in 1989. Researchers led by SETI scientist Mark Showalter found the moon in images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in December 2004. “Naiad has been an elusive target ever since Voyager left the …

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Neptune’s 14th Moon Was Discovered on July 1st

Neptune is the 8th planet from the sun at nearly 2.8 million miles, or 30 times as far away as earth, and makes a rotation around the sun every 165 years. It was the first planet to be located through mathematical predictions rather than through regular observations of the sky on September 23, 1846, by Johann Gotfried Galle. Neptune had …

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New Neptune Moon Found by Hubble Space Telescope

NASA this week revealed that a new moon has been spotted orbiting the furthest planet from the sun, Neptune. The moon, the 14th known to be orbiting Neptune, has been labeled S/2004 N 1. The small rock is the smallest of Neptune’s known moons at approximately 12 miles across. It is located around 65,400 miles from Neptune, between the orbits …

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