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Jessica Padgett Murdered, Corpse Sexually Abused

The body of a 33-year-old daycare worker was found on her stepfather’s property and police believe the man may have killed his stepdaughter so he could have sex with her dead body. 53-year-old Gregory Robert Graf confessed to killing Jessica Padgett and disposing of her body. Police found evidence that the body had been sexually abused after Padgett died. An …

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Jessica Padgett: Gregory Graf Videotaped Himself Sexually Abusing Corpse

New details have been made public regarding the Jessica Padgett murder case. The most recent revelation is that the assailant and Padgett’s stepfather, Gregory Graf, videotaped himself having sex with Padgett’s corpse after he shot her. According to Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli, the recording was recovered from Graf’s computer. Morganelli said that the video, which is now in …

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Jessica Padgett Murder: Necrophilia Motive in Killing?

Jessica Padgett was allegedly murdered by her stepfather, Robert Graf. The missing daycare worker’s body was found on November 26th. Authorities have determined she was shot, and are now trying to determine if necrophilia–sex with her dead body–was a motive for the killing. Padgett, a mother of three, vanished Friday, November 21st, after leaving her workplace, the Duck Duck Goose …

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Jessica Padgett Alleged Murderer’s Stunning Motive: Sex With Her Dead Body?

The murder of 33-year-old Jessica Padgett is tragic enough in and of itself. The Pennsylvania daycare worker was allegedly killed at the hands of her own step-father, 53-year-old Gregory R. Graf, which only added to the horrible nature of her death. However, the motive put forth by prosecutors lifts Padgett’s untimely death puts a disturbing and bizarre spin on exactly …

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Homosexual Necrophilia Is Apparently A Thing In Ducks

What do you do when you see a male duck attempting to have sex with a dead male duck? Most would probably be a little weirded out and walk away. One biologist, however, saw a rare occurrence in nature, and decided to publish a study on it. That study earned him the prestigious Ig Nobel Prize, and a place in …

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