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HGST and NEC Launch PCIe SSD Appliance for Microsoft SQL Server

Western Digital’s HGST and NEC announced a PCIe SSD Appliance for Microsoft SQL Server built on NEC Express 5800 and HGST FlashMAX II PCIe server-mounted flash storage. The appliance is aimed at boosting performance and reducing total cost of ownership by cutting rack space and power requirements. It offers twice the computer power of the previous generation 4CPU platform in …

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NEC Develops Super Thin Battery For IC Cards

NEC recently announced the development of an ultra thin 0.3 mm organic radical battery (ORB) that is compatible with standard Integrated circuit (IC) cards (found on some credit cards, public transportation passes, and hotel keys). Until now ORBs of 0.7mm thickness were standard, but this thickness is difficult to integrate into a plastic card that is only 0.76mm. This new …

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