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Website Usability and You

In creating your website, your number one concern should be Ease of Use. “Usability” is the term used to refer to how effective your website is for visitors.

Website Usability, Breadcrumbs and Left-Side Navigation
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The very basis of usability is the user. How can you make sure your website is designed with your user in mind? You must first consider the natural behavior of your user in order to understand how your user will experience your site. This month, we will talk in more detail about the psychology and behavior of the human Internet customer, particularly in reference to navigation. The popularity of the Internet may have only exploded over the last decade, but there have already been numerous studies into human behavior and preferences regarding website surfing.

MSN Search Improving Spelling Correction System

The MSN Search team is focused on improving the system its search engine uses to correct spelling mistakes of searchers.

Search Engines and Rollover Navigation
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Hi Jill,

If our navigation buttons are rollovers, I understand that search engines can’t follow the links. Do you recommend repeating them as text links at the bottom of the page or is this unnecessary?

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Search Engine Friendly Site Navigation

Daniel Boone was known as one of the most famous trailblazers. Boone helped blaze a trail which later became known as the Cumberland Trail. A few years later Boone blazed the trails from the Carolinas to the, then, western territories, those trails became known as the Wilderness Roads. While people can blaze trails in the wilderness, search engine spiders cannot. Search engine spiders require through your site to find your pages.

Shopping Cart Usability
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Usable Shopping Carts Increase Sales

E-commerce has been around since 1993 under many different names, but one thing remains constant; shoppers want usable web sites. Without a usable shopping cart the sites typically fail from poor performance. To succeed in the world of e-commerce and on the Internet web sites must be developed to be usable by patrons as well as search engines.

10 Easy Steps To A User Friendly Website

As a busy search engine optimization consultant, I don’t have a lot of time to manage my website. But recently I learnt the hard way about the fickle nature of website visitors and the damage that having a user- unfriendly site can do to a business. Now I give my website usability much more priority than ever before.

How to Easily Create a Search-Engine Friendly Navigation Menu For Your Website

A navigation menu is an important element of a website. A good navigation menu helps your visitors navigate through your website efficiently – in as few mouse-clicks as possible.

Make Your Navigation Highly Visible

Effective navigation stands out. It’s clear, obvious, and highly visible.

The Immutable Laws of Effective Navigation

Effective navigation stands out. It’s clear, obvious, and highly visible.

Location of Global Navigation for Optimal Search Engine Indexing
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Reader Question: I’ve been told that I should put my navbar (navigation bar) on the right side of my Web site (or use a table trick to get the same effect) so search engine spiders will read my title and text first, and the navbar last. Is that necessary for optimum search engine positioning?

Website Navigation and Usability

Website navigation has a useful purpose to the individual arriving to a web page. In a time where people want information quickly, it is important for a website to have good usability, so that people will not become frustrated and leave their site. The user will need some way of getting around to finding what they need or learning about the site.

Website Navigation: The Shopping Mall Analogy

Your website’s navigation tools and techniques should basically give users the answer to three questions:

Tips on your Website Navigation

Navagation is a method your visitor surfs thru your web site using links from one page to another page.

2 tips on effectively organizing your navigation

Not all links are created equal.

While all of your links may be important, you must sort and prioritize to come up with an effective navigation scheme.

Help Their Eyes Find It

Every one of your visitors is barraged daily with massive quantities of information. So are you. So am I. How do we cope? We become remarkably selective in our consumption of the stuff. Some folks say this is a function of impatience – I figure it’s a basic survival skill.

Good Web Design: The Importance of Navigation
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A well-designed website has many facets: gorgeous graphics, cool animations, drop-down menus, and of course, relevant content. Another important feature, often overlooked, is a good, solid navigation scheme.

Sandi’s Ts Site Review – Tweak Graphics, Navigation

First impression – I like the site. It’s “perky”, pleasant and has a lot of information about the products.

Web Site Accessibility – Color Blindness, Forms, and Other Issues

Color Blindness Issues and Problems:

Colorblindness is usually a genetic condition, but it can also be caused by injury, disease, or the aging process. As people age, their corneas typically turn yellowish, making it difficult to see violet and blue colors.

Web Site Accessibility – Navigation and Data Tables

Navigation Issues and problems:

Making your navigation consistent helps all users to find their way around your site. Whether you choose to put your links across the top, down the left or right side, or somewhere else is up to you, but make them easy to find and use.

Toolup.com Peer Review Results

What did DevWebPro readers have to say about Toolup.com? Read on to find out. You’ll find some great tips for your own site, including tips on navigation – some written by professional Web designers.