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Mercedes Takes Maps From House To Car

No matter how comfortable your car is, odds are that your house is even more cushy.  The house is also likely to have a better computer, monitor, and keyboard.  So it’s an important breakthrough that will allow American Mercedes-Benz owners to send directions from their computers to their cars.

TomTom May Provide “Navigation 2.0″
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Ever been in a hurry only to find out that the road you chose is backed up because of construction? Pain in the butt, isn’t it? Satellite navigation (GPS) device maker TomTom could be adopting a Web 2.0 approach to help soothe those pains.

Direct Navigation And Search

A survey from Opinion Research Corporation for LeaseThis.com found that Internet users prefer direct navigation more than has been previously reported.

Sixty-four percent of Internet users said they bypass search engines and type keywords into their browsers attempting to be directed to the right URL.

Smuggling Sponsors into Navigation Conventions

Barry at SEL reports: MSN UK put a prefill in a search box, touting The Apprentice on BBC. Ouch!

Blogspot and SEO
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Well it never just rains. It has to pour. I made an offer of some free SEO reviews a while back and a nasty confluence of happenings has upset my apple cart.

But I’m going to try and get some advice out to a few more people now. And this is going to be the toughest task I’ve had in a while. You see it never dawned on me that so many folk would be on hosted blogs. Let’s just say that optimising Blogspot is not a straight forward task.

Checking Your Navigation

If you’re like most companies, you spend a lot of time obsessing over your home page, but maybe not enough time on your destination pages. As a proponent of doing things wrong quickly, I don’t recommend spending hours on each page trying to make it perfect. So, instead, what’s a quick way to check out the information architecture of those pages?

Analyzing Flickr

The Future of Communities Blog — Social browsing vs. technology-enabled navigation – The future of communities points us to an interesting academic research paper done analyzing behavior on Flickr.

The paper, written by Kristina Lerman at USC and Laurie Jones at Mills College, looks at how views, faves, and comments are generated at Flickr.

Their conclusion?

Structuring Your Website

Though you could read about the overall process of creating natural websites and integrating all aspects of web design, SEO, usability and accessibility in the process before, some more information about structuring your website may be useful as well.

Google Releases New Book Search Features

Google has released a major update to its Book Search in an effort to provide a more organic reading experience to the user as well as scholarly resources for readers wishing to delve deeper into the academic community’s take on a particular book.

Elements To Improve Web Site Navigation

As you browse the Web, you will find sites that implement just about every type of navigation scheme you can think of and then even some more!

Navigation Functionalism and Web Analytics

Every shopping experience is framed by a specific set of navigational elements. This is as true in traditional retail as it is on the web.

Top Five Web Site Navigation Considerations

Have you ever been lost on a highway late at night? It’s not a fun feeling.

Website Accessibility – Proper Navigation

A very important point to consider while designing a website is proper navigation.

Haystack Updates

A bunch of news on the Haystack front. In addition to moving to a new infrastructure provider, have put in a load of new capabilities.

Flying high with Tablet PC and Voyager software

The On10.net folks interviewed a pilot and got a look at how navigation is done in the skies.

Using PHP for Website Navigation, Explained
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PHP can be very useful in your webiste design, I use PHP for my websites difficult functions such as forums, blogs, chat, user forms, and shopping cart interface.

Web Navigation is About Moving Forward

The primary purpose of web navigation is to help people to move forward. It is not to tell them where they have been, or where they could have gone.

MSN, Yahoo Swap Navigation Schemes

MSN Search had the drop-down menu next to its search box, while Yahoo placed tabs over its search box for users to select the type of search; now each has adopted the other’s scheme, partially.

del.icio.us Adds New Navigation Schemes

del.icio.us has added a number of new features that change how tags can be navigated. You can still view them alphabetically, but you can also sort by frequency.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Blog Reader

Greg Edwards, Chief Technical Officer, for Eyetools, Inc., has launched a fascinating new blog that discusses his work in analyzing how readers interact with blog sites.

Verizon Enhances Website for Disabled Customers

The corporate website for Verizon Wireless has been enhanced to make it more accessible to customers with disabilities.