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New NIH Site Tackles End-of-Life Education

Death is an intricate part of the fabric of life, shaping societies in ways both seen and unseen. While healthcare for the elderly is a common topic among the public and health researchers, there is one aspect of the subject that is often avoided until it is too late – the very end. Though many decisions go into end-of-life care …

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Aspirin Could Cut Ovarian Cancer Risks

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) today revealed the results of a new study showing that daily aspirin use could significantly reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women. The study, published today in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, showed that daily aspirin use could cut ovarian cancer risks by as much as one-fifth. The study looked at 12 …

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New Study to Examine Vitamin D, Diabetes Prevention Link

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) today announced that a new clinical trial to research vitamin D’s role in diabetes prevention has begun. The “large-scale” study, nicknamed D2d, will look at around 2,500 people over the age of 30 with prediabetes. Researchers hope to determine whether vitamin D can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes in …

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Gov’t Shutdown: Nat’l Parks Reopen, NIH in Peril, Wars, Foreign Aid Continue

In the ongoing government shutdown soap opera, WWE style pre-determined battle lines have been drawn. Conservative Republicans are pretending to stand on “principle” in the hopes that gullible America will be impressed by their theatrics and reward them with re-election. Of course when it comes to rewarding questionable corporations like OSI Systems who are prime beneficiaries of government monopoly over …

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