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“Mystery Science Theater 3000” Guys Get Nature Special

“Mystery Science Theater 3000” was a cult hit during its run on television, and has lived on in the hearts of fans through DVD and Netflix. Now, those of us who couldn’t get enough of the wiseass, futuristic movie critics will have another chance to see them narrate again, but it will be a little different. Michael J. Nelson, Kevin …

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Michelle Trachtenberg Speaks Russian for Oswald Role

The 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination is coming up with much fanfare. There are specials on just about every news channel that are being billed as the one to watch. However, one that stands out is “Killing Kennedy”, which is not going to air on a news channel, but on the National Geographic channel. The cast can’t be beat, …

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Bill O’Reilly Plugs Latest “Killing…” Series Books

Political commentator and author Bill O’Reilly gave an early plug for his latest nonfiction history book during an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes this weekend. He also detailed the third, and latest, book in his nonfiction series, Killing Jesus, just out in September. The muse to writing on Jesus came to the life-long Catholic at night and he points to …

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