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FCC Announces Connect2Health Initiative

For the past few years, the FCC has been trying to set up better Internet for schools and health care facilities. The Commission has already set up a fund to bring high speed Internet to schools, and now it’s going to focus on education. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced this morning that the commission has a new task force called …

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FCC Needs Your Help In Testing Mobile Broadband Speeds

The FCC, love ’em or hate ’em, has been instrumental in increasing broadband speeds across America. The National Broadband Plan has encouraged ISPs to increase their speeds and spread the Internet to more communities across the U.S. Their latest report on broadband performance was encouraging. Now they’re taking it to the next level. The FCC announced today that they will …

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FCC Report Shows Rural Communities Still Don’t Have Broadband

There was a sign of hope earlier this month. A sign that maybe, just maybe, access to fast and affordable Internet was increasing across the country. It’s true that developed areas are getting access to faster and cheaper Internet, but rural communities are still getting screwed over according to a new report from the FCC. The FCC recently wrapped up …

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FCC Creates Blog, Twitter Account

A little more than one month ago, we discussed how Google was asking regular people to give their thoughts about the National Broadband Plan.  Now, the FCC’s doing something similar, with a fresh blog and Twitter account apparently intended to reach out to the public.

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Google Solicits National Broadband Plan Ideas

It’s probably not much of a stretch to suggest that the average WebProNews reader spends more than half of his waking hours in front of a computer.  The National Broadband Plan is liable to affect you, then, and if you’d like to shape it, Google’s giving you a chance.

Here’s a quick refresher before we get to the new development: the National Broadband Plan is something the FCC is supposed to submit to Congress by February of next year.  The goal of the Plan is to make high-speed Internet access more common in the U.S.

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