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Robert Wagner: Suspect In Natalie Wood’s Death?
· 26

Robert Wagner, the actor some might know as Number Two in the “Austin Powers” films, has said he refuses to comment or talk to police any more about his wife Natalie’s 1981 death. When Natalie Wood’s body was found floating …

Natalie Wood: Death Changed From Accidental
· 2

Natalie Wood was one of the most popular film stars of her generation; with her huge dark eyes and creamy skin, her beauty was enough to capture James Dean’s heart in “Rebel Without A Cause”. Her innocence shone through on …

Natalie Wood: Death Certificate Changed from Accident to Undetermined
· 61

Natalie Wood’s death certificate was recently changed from “accident” to “undetermined”, according to the folks at TMZ. On Friday, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department says that an investigation in the actress’ death is currently “open and ongoing”. The bruises found …