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Napster Steps To The Digital Music Compatibility Plate

A congressional subcommittee hearing, spearheaded by Texas representative Lamar Smith, concerning mandates for digital music interoperability began yesterday, with a noticeable absence: Apple.

Napster Subscriber Base Grows Significantly

Napster’s subscriber base grew by 143,000 in the fourth quarter, raising Napster’s subscriber base to a total of over 410,000, including 56,000 university subscribers.

Napster Raises Revenue Guidance

Napster expects to report revenues of approximately $15 million for the fourth quarter, an increase from its prior projection of $14 million.

What To Think Of Napster To Go?
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As many of you are aware, Napster, the name that launched a thousand lawsuits, targeted an advertised-laden attack at Apple’s ultra-successful iTunes music service.

Napster Is A Cool Cat

Apple is cool. The iPod is cool. iTunes is cool. Now Napster has joined that crowd. So what does that make Napster … well … cool, of course.

Napster Versus iTunes

Napster, once the most recognizable names in music downloading, is preparing to challenge the current music download king Apple’s iTunes.

Napster To Go

Napster has launched what it bills as the world’s first portable music service. The service is called Napster To Go.

Napster on Nasdaq

Napster is set to begin trading on Nasdaq under its new ticker “NAPS” after opening the exchange in a ceremony at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square.

Apple And Motorola Prepare iTunes Partnership

Apparently, downloadable music for mobile phones is becoming an item of considerable interest. Apple and Motorola have solidified a deal that would allow songs from iTunes to be downloaded and played on compatible phones. Recently, Napster announced they would also be offering downloadable ringtones from their service.

Napster To Enter Mobile Ringtone Arena

Thanks two a partnership with Dwango Wireless; the new Napster is prepared to enter the mobile technology realm. But this time, it’s not for illegal mp3s. Napster and Dwango will be developing Napster Mobile, a service that will offer downloadable ringtones.