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Napster Hounded For Pounds In UK

One of the most recognizable names in online music sales has signed a “digital royalties deal.”

Napster Contemplates Sale

Napster’s looking for a friend, or a sugar daddy, whichever one makes a better offer. The controversial and troubled music download service announced the company was seeking partnerships, or a potential sale.

It’s an Ad World

Napster is back in full effect, kind of. A recent article in USA Today discussed its new ad supported model. Now visitors can come to Napster and listen to music absolutely free.

Napster Let Loose

Napster is free again, for five songs only. Actually, it’s 2 million songs, five times each. That’s 10 million songs right? No, it’s not. And it’s only kind of free. Confused yet?

Napster Blames Microsoft For Own Failures

Napster CEO Chris Gorog is blaming Microsoft for his company’s inability to gain market share on Apple. Really?

Google Buying Napster Rumor Shot Down

Lots of people have been downloading the chatter about Google possibly buying the Napster music service, but Google said it’s not happening.

New Napster Signs 4th Music Deal

Snocap, the digital media company founded by former Napster pioneer Shawn Fanning inked a deal with Warner Music Group Corp. one of the world’s largest record companies, to allow the authorized distribution of WMG’s music across Snocap-enabled retail services. The deal with Warner means that snocap has now allied with all four of the world’s largest record companies, including EMI Plc., Sony BMG, and Universal Music.

Napster Nails Hurricane Relief

I have an iPod, so I get my online music primarily from Apple’s iTunes store. My wife has a Samsung digital media player, so she uses Napster.

Sirius Getting Around to Releasing Their Portable Player

Sirius Satellite Radio announced the release of their upcoming portable satellite radio device. It is called the Sirius S50, and is scheduled to come out in October.

The Sell Of Music

MusicFreedom presents another method for artists to get their music to fans without an intervening music label.

Hear It On XM, Buy It On Napster

An agreement between the two companies will give Napster another promotional outlet for its service.

Napster Turns it Up With XM Satellite Radio

Napster and XM Satellite Radio have joined forces under a strategic partnership to integrate Napster’s online music services and XM’s satellite radio service.

How Can Entrepreneurs Break Into an Already Established Market?

While the Internet has created entrepreneurial opportunities for the likes of both Fortune 500 companies and sole proprietors working out of their basement, the fundamental entrepreneurial dilemma still remains: how can entrepreneurs break into an already established market?

Napster, Dell, Take On College Music Piracy

The University of Washington will test a combination of hardware and software to try and make legal music downloads the norm.

Dell Packs Napster Into College Servers

The computer company will help deliver Napster’s legal music download service to university campuses.

Ericsson And Napster Teach Mobile World To Sing

The partnership of the Swedish services company and the digital music service bring over-the-air music downloads to mobiles.

Napster, Ericsson In Music Download Deal

The agreement will allow for over-the-air downloads of music from Napster’s service to Ericsson customers.

Napster and Ericsson Conjure Wireless Downloads

Peer to peer pioneer Napster and wireless wizard Ericsson announced plans to develop a wireless downloading service. The plan is to integrate Ericsson’s digital music service and Napster’s digital download expertise into a strong plan for wireless users.

Napster Rings Up Strong Ringtone Launch

The former standard bearer for file sharing has morphed into a legal subscription service, and has branched into ringtones.

Napster Nabs Ringtone Market

In a deal with Dwango Wireless, Napster announced today that it will now provide ringtones, wallpapers, and graphics, beginning with t-Mobile and Cingular customers.

RealNetworks Challenges Napster On Digital Music

Seattle-based company to offer music for rent that can be carried on portable digital players.