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Adam Lanza: No Motive Found In Sandy Hook Massacre

Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III, officially closed the investigation of Adam Lanza, the sole mastermind behind the December 14, 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Danbury, Connecticut. Lanza, 20, entered the school by shooting eight rounds through a window, letting himself inside the building where he would ultimately kill 26 people. The mass shooting was the …

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Adam Lanza: Haircut Was “Uncomfortable” For Barber

Among the first people to describe what it was like to interact with Newtown shooter Adam Lanza and his mother–who lived notoriously private lives and never invited people into their home–were hair stylists Bob Skuba and Diane Harty. As investigators uncover clues about the boy’s behavior bit by bit, the comments are becoming more important as everyone involved tries to …

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Nancy Lanza: Did She Play A Role In Son’s Breakdown?

Nancy Lanza, the 52-year old mother of the gunman who took 26 lives in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday, is being portrayed as a potential source of the issues plaguing her son. Lanza was an avid gun collector and was described by those who knew her as a “survivalist” who stockpiled water and food for an oncoming economic crisis. She was …

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