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MoveYourDomain Day Could Be Another Blow For GoDaddy

While it’s being presented as an anti-SOPA stance, which, no doubt represents the bow that’s being put on it, but if MoveYourDomain Day isn’t occurring to capitalize on GoDaddy’s recent public relations nightmare, then maybe I need to go back to marketing class. What we have here is a domain registrar — Namecheap — taking a stand against SOPA, but …

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GoDaddy Elephant Killing Sparks “NoDaddy” Promotion From Venovix

GoDaddy’s PR misstep, otherwise known as CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant, has led to its competitors stepping up to scoop up the angry customers who are leaving the domain registrar behind. NameCheap was able to get some great PR and a substantial amount of new business, while raising over $20,000 for the Save the Elephants foundation. Now, Venovix is …

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GoDaddy Elephant Killing Leads to Competitor Raising $20K to Save Elephants

GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons recently took a vacation in Africa, where he hunted an elephant, posted video of the killing and slaughter of the elephant, and and tweeted it out to the world. You’ve probably heard the story by now. Since then, there has been a massive backlash against GoDaddy, a public war of words with PETA, and numerous people …

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