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Yahoo Shuts Down One of Three Bookmarking Services

Fans of Yahoo MyWeb might be disappointed to know that the service is shutting down. A trip to the site will welcome users with the following message:

We are streamlining our bookmark services. As part of this effort Yahoo! will be shutting down MyWeb on March 18, 2009 and moving users to Yahoo! Bookmarks. Your MyWeb bookmarks are already available to you on Yahoo! Bookmarks. You can begin using this new service now or continue using MyWeb until the shutdown date.

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Yahoo Tags MyWeb With New Features

Social bookmarking has been the focus of the latest updates to Yahoo’s MyWeb service; also, the site shows off a new design look for its users.

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Yahoo Socializes MyWeb Bookmarks

A recent upgrade performed by Yahoo’s MyWeb team has tweaked a few of the features in the service, with one being an easier way to find and share bookmarks with others.

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Joyce is Getting MyWeb 2.0

I was reading Joyce’s comments on MyWeb 2.0 last night and realized that I needed to write something about it, but I wasn’t sure what. So I waited a bit.

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Yahoo Adds Y!Q Button To Toolbar

What do you do if you are a search engine company with few search presences you are testing and each presence has its own toolbar and people are commenting about this fact? In the case of Yahoo, you can consolidate these features onto the flagship toolbar and release an update, which is exactly what Yahoo has done.

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