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Contextual Advertising: Facts, Myths, and Misconceptions Part 1
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Reader Question: I have newsletter articles and a forum on my Web site. Since I often have focused content on these pages, I thought that contextual ads might be a good way to supplement income from my site. Is this a good idea? What types of contextual advertising programs are available?

Creative Communication Not For Everyone

Producing interesting or compelling content is creative work. So who is able to do that …

Why Corporate Boards Should Blog

The IR Web Report provides a long list of reasons for boards to start blogging and 10 thoughts, debates, myths and issues boards might discuss in the hope they won’t need to blog.

Copyright Myths and Creative Common Sense

A handful of myths have spawned practices, particularly among bloggers and website owners, that turn copyright law on its head …

More on Blogs

From Fortune To Gigablast. Here’s a few of the blog related stories that have caught my interest the last couple of days… plus a couple articles on other subjects.

Rayovacs IT Team Discusses Network Security, Sarbanes Oxley and ROI Myths

Rayovac Corporation is a global consumer products company with a diverse portfolio of world-class brands, including Rayovac, Remington and VARTA. The Company holds many leading market positions including: the world’s leader in hearing aid batteries and the number one selling brand of men’s and women’s foil electric razors in North America. Rayovac markets its products in more than 100 countries and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ROV symbol.

4 Marketing Myths That Threaten Your Sales

These 4 marketing myths can cause you to lose sales if you base your marketing decisions on them. But the related marketing tips I included with each myth will boost your sales if you act on them instead.

Dispel The Myths And Find Success

The internet has literally redefined the lifestyles of every man woman and child on the planet. With a mouse and a modem you can find love, pay bills, do your homework, and shop til you drop. The world is at your fingertips.

Link Myths

As competition among websites increase, close attention is being paid to rankings in major search engines. Since a high ranking in a keyword can “make or break” a business, webmasters are looking to find any method to increase their ranking. By examining the algorithms of Google and other search engines, it is easy to see that a high value is being placed on the number of links (and quality) pointing to a website. As a result, most webmasters have realized the importance of finding partners to link to their Internet business.

Defy the Myths, Get Your Book Written–Fast! – Part 1

Why don’t you write a book?

Most people complain it takes too long. They are too busy. One professional coach said she was not a natural writer. An entrepreneur feared it wouldn’t sell, or it would be too much effort. A professional speaker says she is so busy marketing herself, she doesn’t know where to find the time to write.

The Five Most Common Resume Myths

Myth #1: Your resume will get you the job.

QuckBooks 3 Common Myths

Have you seen the commercial on television that goes like this – “if you can write a check, you can use QuickBooks?” Well, it’s true, but there’s more you need to know.

Web Accessibility Myths

1. Creating a text-only equivalent is sufficient

Three Planning Myths

Are you — like 70% of business owners — working without a plan? Here are three myths that need to be dispelled about strategic planning for small business.

The Missing Link To Your SEO Efforts

So here we are at the peak of an industry fluctuating with myths and rumours, with unprofessional sorts attempting to get on the SEO bandwagon, web host companies, web designers, scam artists and the list goes on. To my surprise, I even found an article of mine “SEO Myths & Rumours Exposed” (co written with Ian McAnerin) ripped apart and parts of information contained within some bodge, scam artists attempt at selling SEO secrets for $19.95. Yep, you know the one, send out heaps of spam and hope to sell a poor and ineffective product to those unsuspecting people who think there are some big secrets holding back their website.

SSL: Myths and Magic

About once a week we get asked if we use SSL certificates. The answer may come as a surprise to our e-commerce friends, considering that we process hundreds of credit card transactions every month.

Absolute Top Five Search Engine Marketing Myths Uncovered

It’s no secret that Search Engine marketing can drive significant amounts of very qualified traffic to a web site as 85% of Internet users utilize search engines to find/research for goods and services. The problem for many companies is the difficulty they face sifting through conflicting information and hyperbole! Here is my top five list of myths that need to be run to ground.

SEO Myths & Rumours Exposed!

SEO myths and rumours exposed is not a top 5 – top 10 list or the like, simply an attempt at a comprehensive list of rumours about search engine optimization, marketing, pay per click, advertisement, page design techniques and so forth. The problem with most things is they start out well and with a focus on quality, and then the brain starts thinking of ways to cheat. In the case of the Internet, people are trying to cheat the search engines more and more often.

The Nuts and Bolts of Information Security Part 4: Myths and More

If you’ve been following these articles and thinking about all of the things you should be doing to protect information, your brain is probably on fire by now. This is the forth and final installment and we have only have just touched on some of the possible risks to your vital information.

Usability Myths Need Reality Checks

Not so very long ago, it was agreed that five to eight users was enough for a good usability test. Somehow, this idea achieved mythic status. We believed it. We preached it to everyone who would listen. It survived in areas where it had been disproved, and was introduced into new situations where it didn’t even apply.

Believing These 5 Joint Venture Myths Is Bad For Business

Joint Ventures – or JVs for short – are a hot topic lately. But for people earning their living online JVs are nothing new. All of the most successful Internet Marketers already know that they are the fastest, easiest way to grow ANY business in ANY industry.