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Open Source SQL Full Text Search Engine – Sphinx

I came across Sphinx via the MySQL Performance Blog (which has some good entries you might want to check out). It is an Open Source Full Text SQL Search Engine.

MySQL Gets Telecom-Specific

Due to demand, MySQL AB announced the expansion of its telecom-specific services and consulting for MySQL software. Specifically, the company is promoting its MySQL Cluster, a high-end version of the standard database designed for fault-tolerant, mission-critical network and telecommunications applications at carrier-grade.

Practice Makes Perfect For SQL

MySQL guru Sheeri Kritzer listed eight SQL best practices for database professionals who are hard at work on their projects.

MySQL Trumpets Its Place In Web 2.0

Plenty of new and popular Internet companies have opted for the MySQL database as the back-end component of choice for their applications.

MySQL Turbo Manager and Dream Coder

The success and the longevity of any prominent business nowadays depend on powerful application infrastructures and effective, reliable management and development solutions.

Your Old MySQL Needs An Update

Versions 3.23 and 4.0 of the popular open source database will soon reach their end-of-life dates this year.

Getting to Know WordPress

If you use WordPress, here are two useful resources that will help you get to know the blog platform better.

Mac OS X Ruby on Rails – Where to Go Next

When we left off with Mac OS X Ruby on Rails, I had Rails up and running but had not a clue as to where to go from there.

Mac OS X Ruby on Rails

I’ve been ignoring Ruby on Rails for a while now. Oh, I knew I’d have to look at it sooner or later, but you know the old saying about old dogs and new tricks.

PHP Pagination with MySQL
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It is extremely common these days to make results display across multiple pages. Some examples are maybe browsing through picture galleries, store products, blog entries, etc.

MySQL Named As Possible Acquisition Target

As corporations continue to merge, sell out, and gobble each other up, analysts have identified the next likely targets in the software world: MySQL and Linux.

Developers Spoiled For Free DB Choices

It is not just MySQL or PostgreSQL offering freely available databases, as Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM all want to hook developers on lite versions of their products.

HP To Offer MySQL Services

An extension of Hewlett-Packard’s existing open source support initiatives will provide services to support customers using MySQL database software.

GData, MySQL, and the Future of on-line Databases

In reading Richard MacManus’ Why Google is extending RSS, I couldn’t help feeling that he was missing the point a bit.

MySQL, Oracle Agree On InnoDB Deal

A multiyear agreement between Oracle and MySQL over the InnoDB storage engine license should put an end to fears of a potential Oracle-fueled money grab for MySQL’s customers.

MySQL Counters Oracle With A Purchase

MySQL AB, the company behind the popular open source database, has acquired Netfrastructure Inc and gets a database guru in the deal.

MySQL To Oracle: Get Stuffed

Larry Ellison tried waving his American Express card at MySQL CEO Marten Mickos, but Mickos turned down his offer for the company.

Oracle Acquisitions are Not About MySQL

I’ve been thinking about this for the last day or so and have come to the conclusion that Oracle’s acquisition of Sleepycat Software (and Berkeley DB) is not about MySQL.

Oracle Has MySQL By The Throat

By following last November’s purchase of InnoDB with the recent acquisition of Sleepycat Software, all Larry Ellison has to do is squeeze hard to kill corporate usage of MySQL.

Oracle Buys Berkeley DB, Sleepycat Software

Wow, the rumors were true. Oracle is snapping up Open Source Database companies now.

Protecting Against SQL Injection With PHP And MYSQL

Security is important for all developers, but more so when combining two of the most popular Database and Web Programming technologies.