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15 Million People Have MySpace Mail Accounts

Back in the summer MySpace launched its own email service called MySpace Mail. The company has now announced that it has surpassed 15 million accounts for that service.

"Adoption by our users has experienced phenomenal growth, well exceeding initial expectations," says MySpace’s Rajit Marwah. "At launch we set a goal of 10 million accounts created within a year – we knew we were on to something when we surpassed this goal in less than a quarter."

MySpace Mail Arrives
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Last week, rumor had it that MySpace was about to launch their long-awaited MySpace email service. It didn’t happen last week, but it’s starting to happen now. The company is rolling it out. It could be several weeks until you have access to MySpace Mail, but trust that it is on the way if you don’t already have it.

Report: MySpace To Launch Email System Tomorrow
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MySpace may have found a way to differentiate itself from Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much all other social networks.  MySpace Mail, a new email service, is supposed to launch tomorrow.