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Should MyFeedz Really Be Called a Feed Reader?

I saw a few posts about MyFeedz yesterday and checked it out, and I noticed Robert just gave Myfeedz a test. He is a hardcore feed reader, so I value his opinion (even though we don’t always agree on everything).

I think Robert is being extremely polite about MyFeedz

MyFeedz Sucks as a Feed Reader

To qualify that, let me show you the "user experience" I went though, and how amazingly let down I felt having given it some of my time.

Adobe Labs Testing Social Newspaper
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MyFeedz.com launched quietly in ‘technology preview’ mode from Adobe Labs recently, offering a web-based application that learns from the visitor’s reading habits to continually improve the information it presents.

Adobe in the Feed Reader Race

My coworker Jeremiah Owyang says he’s not switching from Google Reader until at least a few other people in his trusted network switch too. In reaction to news that Adobe has entered the feed reader race with “myFeedz”.