Myanmar Articles

Thailand Earthquake A Magnitude 6.0

The earthquake that shook northern Thailand and parts of Myanmar early on Monday is now reported as a magnitude 6.0. The quake was centered 6 miles south of Mae Lao, Thailand, and 17 miles southwest of Chiang Rai. Only light …

Yangon Blast in Burma Injures One American

Since its transition from a military junta to a quasi-civilian democracy in 2011, Burma has seen fewer explosions. However, a recent string of bombings has authorities and the government wondering who is upset, and why. Shortly before midnight on Monday, …

‘They Call it Myanmar’ Director Robert Lieberman Talks At Google

Dr. Robert Lieberman, novelist and director of the film, “They Call it Myanmar: Lifting the Curtain,” recently participated in an “At Google” talk, discussing the film. The late Roger Ebert included the film among his top documentaries of 2012. More …

Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama’s Speech?
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Hillary Clinton is earning some notoriety among web trolls today as a video makes its way around the circuit of her apparently catching a few z’s during President Obama’s speech in Myanmar on Monday. The president was the first American …

Earthquake In China Unnoticed By Google?
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This article was going to be a quick roundup of Google’s response to the earthquake in China – mention a donations page here, a map there, done.  As it turns out, though, the company didn’t provide much material.

Google Resources Help With Myanmar Cyclone Relief

The company organized some of its resources to assist the humanitarian efforts going on in Myanmar, where thousands have died or are missing after a cyclone tore through the country.

Google Tries To Help After Myanmar Cyclone
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When Google’s making an important announcement, posts will sometimes appear on more than one corporate blog.  Posts relating to Myanmar have been put on at least three, and the Google homepage has been altered, as well.

Citizen Journalists Report On Myanmar

While the Myanmar’s regime attempts to suppress the protests taking place, citizen journalists are playing a key role in delivery of the news to the rest of the world.

Blogs Evade Myanmar Media Ban

When the Soviet Union was under Communist rule, dissidents in Soviet countries exchanged information and commented on current events using photocopied newsletter-style publications called “samizdat” that were handed around from person to person.

Now, the Internet allows dissidents and protesters of all kinds to get information out of totalitarian countries much more quickly (although there are still restrictions that authoritarian regimes — such as those in North Korea and China — can use to make Internet access difficult or even impossible).