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Google Wants Your Location for Live Traffic Reports
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Google is expanding its traffic layers in Google Maps. They’re now showing traffic conditions on arterial roads in selected cities, but is working on doing this to cover all U.S. highways and arterials when data is available.

Google Maps Receives Two Useful Upgrades
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Google Maps just keeps getting more interesting.  Today, two fresh features came to light, and together, they’ll make it a lot easier for users to get their bearings in unfamiliar territory and plan multiple-stop outings wherever they may be.

Google Expands Geolocation API to WiFi

Google GearsGoogle announced that they have expanded the Google Gears Geolocation API to include WiFi compatibility. Previously, it was only available for mobile phones. It is set up so that applications using the API can find WiFi networks within 200m.

Google’s My Location Gets More Accurate

Google’s My Location offering is a great idea that hinges on the company’s ability to accurately detect users’ positions.  As such, Google’s seen fit to tinker with the way in which approximate locations are represented.

Google Maps For Mobile Gains My Location Feature

This announcement was determined to find people wherever they were; in different forms, it popped up on the Official Google Blog, the Google LatLong Blog, the Google Mobile Blog, and in a formal press release.  And interestingly enough, the announcement was about Google gaining a sort of location-seeking ability.