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Interview with Muxtape CEO Justin Ouellette

Muxtape has been known in the past as a place where music lovers could create their own playlists of songs and share them with others like an old school mix-tape. Last summer, it was shut down after legal issues with the RIAA.

Muxtape Previews New Reincarnation
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Back in August, popular music site Muxtape was ordered to shut down by the RIAA. Then in September, MuxTape announced that it would be back in a different way. It would only be a service for bands to help them gain exposure.

Pandora Never Says Die

PandoraPandora’s obituary was all but written last month as SoundExchange called for higher royalty payments from the Internet Radio site, and others like it. But there is a little life in the site and in the industry yet.

Muxtape Coming Back

Popular music site MuxTape was ordered to shut down by the RIAA back in August, but the site is coming back with a new concept, and that is to help bands get exposure. Ok, that was the goal the whole time, according to Founder, Justin Ouellette, but now it’s only going to be a service for bands.

The Open Source Slap to the Recording Industry’s Face
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It’s been a rough time of late for Internet Radio, and music sites in general. Pandora’s expecting to shut down. Karaoke videos have been pulled. Muxtape was shut down.