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Don’t Get Your Brand Muted On Twitter

After testing the feature for a while, Twitter announced the launch of its new Mute feature on Monday. It’s in the process of rolling out, so you should get it within the next few weeks if you don’t already have it. This will effectively give users the ability to stop seeing messages from accounts that are posting too frequently, without …

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Twitter Officially Launches Mute Feature

Twitter was spotted testing a mute button feature a couple weeks ago. Now, the company has officially announced it. It appears in the iPhone and Android apps, as well as on You can mute people from tweets or from profiles. If you’re using Twitter on the web, you can muse from a Tweet by clicking “More,” then “Mute.” From …

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Twitter Tests Mute Button for When You’re Just Tired of Someone’s Crap

Sometimes, you don’t really want to unfollow someone, you just don’t want to see their bullshit in your feed for a while. If you’ve ever found yourself in that situation, you’ll be happy to learn that it appears Twitter is testing a mute function in their official app. Users of services like Tweetdeck have been able to mute people, hashtags, …

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