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Muslim Brotherhood Denounced As Terrorists

The Muslim Brotherhood was denounced as a terrorist organization on Wednesday by the current leaders of Egypt. The Egyptian military removed President Mohamed Morsi, the country’s first democratically elected leader and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, from office in July. The toppling of Morsi lead to massive protests. Since Morsi’s removal the state security forces are blamed for hundreds …

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John Kerry Visits Egypt, Vows Support for Interim Gov’t

NBC News and Fox News both report that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Egypt last weekend to see just how much of a foothold democracy has gained. “President Obama and the American people support the people of Egypt,” he told reporters in Cairo. “We believe this is a vital relationship.” Kerry’s visit comes coincidentally timed, as the shadow …

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Coptic Christians Mourn After Attack Killing Four

Tragedy struck Sunday night at a Coptic Christian wedding at the Virgin Church in Cairo, Egypt. Well-wishers waited outside the church for the bride to arrive and were greeted instead by masked, bearded men on the back of a motorcycle that fired on the guests, killing four and wounding 17. According to Father Sawiris Boshra, “We heard gunfire and ran …

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Egyptian Court: Muslim Brotherhood is Banned

USA Today reported this morning that an Egyptian Court has banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a political organization and as a community organization. Authorities will be expected to seize all of its assets in an upcoming crackdown against Islamists in Egypt. The language of the court is clear: “any institution branching out of it [The Muslim Brotherhood] or … receiving …

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