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Kim Dotcom Offers $5 Million Bounty for Information

In January 2012, New Zealand police arrested internet icon Kim Dotcom due to claims from the United States that Dotcom had used his website to host pirated files, costing the music and movie industries more than $500 million in assets. While Dotcom awaits his subsequent trial and sentencing, he has ventured to the internet in order to ask for much …

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Spotify Gets Sean Parker’s Approval…In a Big Way

It’s always interesting when past voices in a particular area talk about the up and coming, brand new thing. It was interesting when MySpace’s Tom Anderson discussed Google+ shortly after it launched. And today, it is even more interesting to read what Sean Parker has to say about Spotify. Of course, you know Justin Timberlake Sean Parker, right? Mr. Napster. …

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P2P Music Sharing on the Decline?

The fight against digital music piracy seems to always be a step behind the current trends. When the doors were finally shut on Napster, some people * ahem* had already gotten more music via the service in a week than what was on their parent’s entire record collections – combined. People were already starting to use clients like WinMX and …

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