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Wireless Internet Usage Continues To Increase

The Pew Internet & American Life Project recently conducted a study gauging the increasing prevalence of wireless connectivity among Internet users as a whole.

According to the findings of the report, nearly 34% of Internet users have logged onto the Internet using a wireless connection either around the house, at their workplace, or some place else.

This means that one-third of Internet users, making use of laptops or other mobile devices have surfed the Internet or checked email by means of a WiFi connection or a cell phone network.

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Google, Earthlink Clear MuniFi Hurdle

On Friday, Google and Earthlink came to finalized terms on the contract to build infrastructure for a free wireless network for the city of San Francisco. The city’s Board of Supervisors must now approve the deal in order for the companies to move forward with construction.

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A New Year’s Wish List

There were a lot of significant advances in 2006 in the digital realm. Google prospered, YouTube exploded onto the scene, and the Internet overtook newspapers in the hierarchy of information consumption. What does this year hold in store for the technological landscape?

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