Mugshot Articles

Angela Coates’ Sexy Mugshot Goes Viral

Angela Coates’ mugshot has gone viral! Caotes, the former Jet magazine “Beauty of the Week,” was arrested last month in Dekalb County, Georgia for disorderly conduct. Her mugshot, which shows her with perfect makeup and hair, has since gone viral …

Jay-Z Disses Bieber; Beliebers Pitch Hissy

Controversy sells. Jay-Z is a tycoon because he knows what sells. He can brag about “the intelligence that Jay-Z has” because he has the numbers to back it up. So now Hova and his lady are stirring the pot again, …

Justin Bieber Smiles in Mugshot After DUI Arrest

When a celebrity gets arrested, it’s only a matter of time before someone digs up the police report with all of the relevant information. The Miami Beach Police Department decided not to keep anyone interested in singer Justin Bieber’s arrest …

Red Hat Takes Mugshot Of Social Networks

A website built by Linux vendor Red Hat offers an open project focused on building a live social experience around entertainment.