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MySpace, MSN Collaborate In China

Well over a week ago, reports surfaced that MySpace China and MSN China would partner; Luo Chuan, the CEO of Myspace China, denied them.  Now – you guessed it – the partnership has been made official.

MSN Loses (Badly) In 301 Indexing Race

Moving a website can be intimidating, especially if it’s a bigger site. There will almost certainly be a loss of traffic, and much of that is due to the time it takes the search engines to recognize the new site. There are ways to dull the pain, but don’t count on Microsoft for it. 

MSN Breaks Record With Live Earth Video Streams
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Sometime Saturday, MSN broke the record for most live video streams, surpassing 10 million. Web surfers that didn’t tune into the Sundance Channel’s all-day coverage of the Live Earth concert, tuned in at MSN.

Google’s Better, But They Like Yahoo
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Another clue that perception, not truth, is what you can expect from people comes out of Penn State today. A study reveals that Web searchers prefer Yahoo over Google; the only problem is, they chose a logo, not a search engine.

New Look for MSN on Mobile Phones
The MSN Mobile Team at Microsoft launched a redesigned MSN portal optimized for mobile phones on Sunday, stepping up its offering at a time when more powerful devices increase the demand for richer content on handsets. However mobile Internet use still represents only a fraction of computer-based Web usage, but that could change with companies like Microsoft who see increasingly powerful mobile phones and faster networks opening the door for new services and content.

Microsoft Launches MSN Mobile

Microsoft Corp. has launched a redesigned portal for MSN Mobile that is designed to provide users with improved access to the Internet while using their mobiles.

eBay Live, Paid Search

Steve Lobo, Senior Manager Search Marketing at eBay gave an informative talk on paid search at the eBay Live conference in Boston.

eBay Named Best Web 2.0 Developer

eBay has been named the best overall Web 2.0 developer program, beating out Amazon, Google, MSN, PayPal and Yahoo, according to Evans Data’s Developer’s Choice: Web 2.0 Developer Programs survey.

Search Engine Diversity – More Website Exposure

"Google ranking this and Google ranking that"… it’s all everyone talks about. But a recent report by Infospace highlights the need for online businesses to focus their search engine optimization efforts across more than just Google.

Niche & Trend Tool List

There has been some useful posts of late that discuss the pracitical methods to get started at developing a new site or blog specifically for affiliate marketing. In particular Aaron Wall discusses practical tips for starting a new site and Dosh Dosh looks at choosing the right blog niche.

Health Web Sites See Healthy Traffic
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Health related Web sites remain popular. An average of 55.3 million U.S. Internet users visited health information Web sites each month during the first quarter of 2007. That is a 12 percent increase over the same period in 2006, according to comScore.

Google Grows, Others Slow

At this point you start to wonder why bother: Google reins supreme in the realm of search, Yahoo doesn’t, neither does Microsoft, and everybody else might as well hang it up.

MGoogle Grows, Others Slow
MGoogle Grows, Others Slow
MGoogle Grows, Others Slow
Windows Live Hotmail Goes Global

It’s being billed as “[t]he most significant upgrade for Hotmail since it pioneered the webmail industry in 1996,” and it’s here: Windows Live Hotmail is rolling out globally.

New users should get an account immediately; MSN Hotmail customers will be presented with the option of upgrading. 

Rock Em Sock Em: MSN Versus Google
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We know you’ve been waiting minutes, hours, and even days for the release of the Rock Em Sock Em Robot’s Fight from the SES conference. You can all rest better now because the much-anticipated rumble is up and ready for your enjoyment. Only WebProNews was there to bring you exclusive coverage of this event to find out which search engine is truly best.

Personalized Search (The Death of SEO?)

Search Engine Optimization has been a topic of debate since the concept was developed in the mid 1990’s.

Culture Shock on Madison Avenue

Last week’s announcement that the Interpublic Group acquired Reprise Media set off a round of self-congratulatory praise up and down Madison Avenue.  It was as though they stopped hitting the snooze button and finally addressed the importance of search in any advertising campaign.  But take a close look beyond the buzzwords like “integration” and “broad marcom mix,” because the acquisitions and partnerships merely put a pretty face on some of the deep, troubling issues at play.

CBS To Distribute Content On MSN and Others

CBS has announced it will be distributing free and paid video content with a variety of partners, including MSN, Joost, and AOL, like it currently does on Google’s YouTube and iTunes. Some of the content will be ad-supported, others will be the sales of TV episodes.

SES – Searching for SEO Meaning at MSN Live Search

In the past, I’ve been critical of MSN for not participating in conferences. Today I’m going to be critical of them because they did participate. Steve Berkowitz, Senior Vice President, Online Services Group for Microsoft, was the keynote for day 2 of SES NY 2007 and it is one of the first keynotes I’ve regretted attending. I would have rather slept in.

Can MySpace Steal Google Users?

Could MySpace really attract a large proportion of users away from Google and other major portals? A new report from JupiterResearch "21st Century Portals: Thriving in the Google-MySpace Era" examines that question.

The report says that 55 percent of the users who are most likely to pay for services could be drawn to an entertainment and communication combination such as MySpace.

Google, Marry Me

I’ve decided to take the plunge and ask Google to marry me. If we ever divorce it will be very painful to extract myself from all the connnections and tie-ins and find replacement services and tools. I know, I know – most will say I’m doing it for the money. I can’t deny that the Adsense check every month is nice, but it’s not just the money that has me head over heals in love. It’s being connected on a deep soul satisfying level.

If MySpace Loves You, Everybody Loves You

Did you know Photobucket controls 41 percent of photo-sharing market? Do you know why they do? Answer: MySpace, MySpace, MySpace. The News Corp.-owned social networking phenom is showing that if you really want market share, you have to win over MySpacers.

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