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Microsoft Announces Plan To Acquire MobiComp

A little less than one week ago, Steve Ballmer ruled out a making-up-for-Yahoo acquisition spree.  This afternoon, his word remains technically good, since MobiComp is just one company and has little to do with traditional search and advertising.

Yahoo Rejected Microsoft Over Exclusivity Request
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Even though Microsoft offered Yahoo a $9 billion deal to gain control of its search business, Yahoo would have been stuck with Microsoft as a search partner for ten years.

Microsoft Says Yahoo Deal Was About Search

Microsoft executives said the company does not plan to make a slew of Internet acquisitions since it ended its bid for Yahoo.

There has been speculation that Microsoft would possibly buy Facebook, which it has a small stake in or Time Warner’s AOL along with a number of other companies.

Google Top Video Property For April
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U.S. Internet users watched 11 billion online videos during the month of April, with YouTube accounting for 4 billion videos according to comScore Video Metrix.

Google sites again ranked as the top video property with more than 4.1 billion videos viewed (38 percent share of all videos) as YouTube accounted for 98 percent of all videos watched at the property.

Yahoo, Microsoft Deal Dead
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Yahoo said today that negotiations with Microsoft on a partnership or other type of deal have ended without any agreement.

Yahoo said in a statement,"Microsoft representatives stated unequivocally that Microsoft is not interested in pursuing an acquisition of all of Yahoo!, even at the price range it had previously suggested."

Microsoft, Kaiser Partner On Online Health Data

Microsoft and Kaiser Permanente, the largest U.S. health maintenance organization are partnering on a patient information exchange pilot program to allow patients to have more control over their health records.

Microsoft Looks To Improve Windows Mobile Music
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Microsoft plans to concentrate on improving music in its next version of  Windows Mobile software for mobile phones.

The company’s mobile communications division provides operating systems for mobile devices based on the Windows Mobile platform. Microsoft’s partners include Samsung Electronics, Motorola, High Tech Computer and Asustek Computer.

Microsoft Vaguely Aware It Kinda Sucks Sometimes
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Eeyore, the donkey always missing its tail, always liked to thank people for noticing him. Seems like, when it comes to search, Microsoft has the same problem. SearchEngineLand’s Danny Sullivan interviewed Microsoft’s Kevin Johnson, president of the Platform and Services division, during today’s keynote session at SMX Advanced in Seattle, and all roads led back to Google.

Windows Mobile On Track For 50% Growth

Microsoft said today that it estimates its Windows Mobile software to grow at least 50 percent annually through fiscal years 2008 and 2009.

"Fifty percent growth is the minimum," said Eddie Wu, Microsoft’s managing director for embedded devices in Asia, in an interview with Reuters.

Google Kills Rivals In Search For April
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Google increased its U.S. dominance in search in April, extending its lead over rivals Yahoo and Microsoft, according to comScore.

Google’s search properties grabbed a record-high 61.6 percent of the U.S. market in April, up from 59.8 percent in March.

Out of the top five search engines, Google was the only company, that saw an increase in the number of searches in April. Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and Ask all had a decrease of 5 percent or more.

Microsoft: Our Online Branding Needs Work

Ahead of Microsoft’s advance08 Advertising Leadership Forum, Microsoft’s Kevin Johnson acknowledged to company employees, among other things, that Microsoft’s online branding could be a lot better.

Google Inching Toward 70%
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Whatever happens in Google’s peripheral industry dabbling, the search giant lives up to its core reputation by grabbing 67.9 percent of US searches in April, a 4 percent increase year-over-year, according to Hitwise.

The usual rivals are present in the top four with a noticeable decline for third-place breath-holder MSN. Microsoft’s confusingly branded search engine dropped from 6.65 percent in March to 6.26 percent in April, down from 7.77 percent a year ago, and down significantly from search share once hovering around 12 percent.

Google Sites Top U.S. Video Property

U.S. Internet users watched 11.5 billion online videos in March 2008, a 13 percent increase over February and a 64 percent boost over March of 2007 according to comScore Video Metrix.

Google was again the top U.S. video property with more than 4.3 billion videos viewed (38% share of all videos) gaining 2.6 shares over the previous month. YouTube made up 98 percent of all videos viewed at Google Sites.

Microsoft Appealing Record Fine From The EU

Microsoft said it is appealing a record $1.39 billion (899 million euro) fine from the European Commission for using high prices to reduce software competition.

"Microsoft today filed to the (EU) Court of First Instance an application to annul the European Commission decision of February 27,"the company said in statement. "We are filing this appeal in a constructive effort to seek clarity from the court."

Microsoft Leaves Door Open For Yahoo Deal
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Microsoft claims it is through with its acquisition plans of Yahoo according to Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie.

Microsoft Considers Facebook Acquisition
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Microsoft is attempting to see if Facebook has any interest in being purchased by the software company after it abandoned its bid to buy Yahoo.

According to the WSJ Microsoft’s bankers put out subtle signals to Facebook, to see if it would be interested in being acquired.

Last October, Microsoft bought a $240 million stake in Facebook, which valued the social networking site at $15 billion. An unnamed source says there are no active talks between the two companies.

Microsoft, DAISY To Assist People With Sight Problems
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Microsoft has introduced a new software add-in to assist those who are blind or partially sighted with turning printed Word documents into audio files.

The "Save as DAISY XML" add-in enables text files to be converted into audio files.  DAISY is an acronym for Digital Accessible Information System. The add-in was developed by Microsoft, Sonata Software, and the DAISY Consortium as an open source project.

Microsoft Zune Scores More Content
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In an effort to compete with Apple, Microsoft said today that it is adding downloadable television shows from Comedy Central, MTV, NBC, and others to its online Zune store.

The new content also includes programs from Nickelodeon, Turner Broadcasting and VH1, Microsoft said. Titles include "South Park" which is already available for free online, "The Office", "Battlestar Galactica", "Heroes" and "Spongebob SquarePants."

Madonna Concert To Stream Live On MSN
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Madonna will be giving a concert at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom to promote her new CD, "Hard Candy"; the performance will be streamed live on MSN.

Microsoft Set To Launch Improved Mobile Web Browsing
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Microsoft announced on Tuesday its updated version of Internet Explorer Mobile and said the software would offer "desktop grade" Web browsing on mobile devices.

Australia Launches Email Archive

An Australian museum is creating Australia’s first email archive to capture a snapshot of Australian society and to celebrate the role email plays in daily communications.