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MSN Releases Direct-to-GPS Application

Microsoft has released an API allowing for smoother transition of location information from a website to GPS devices. Webmasters with physical locations customers may wish to find can now offer them a way to send directions, addresses, phone numbers or other business listings directly to their GPS device.

Called MSN Direct, the open API is designed make it more convenient for drivers. Instead of reentering or searching again for location information on navigation devices, the API allows them to send it directly from the website wirelessly or via USB connection.

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MSN Direct Hops In Your Car

Microsoft hopes to plug location-based information into GPS devices and reach potential customers as they enter a local market for a business.

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MSN Direct For Windows Mobile Smartphones Launched

Microsoft has made available software for Windows Mobile Smartphones that gives free access to news and weather information, thanks to its MSN Direct network. Any Smartphone (that’s a phone running Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone or Windows Mobile 6 Standard) can pick up the download at

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MSN Direct Featured on New Garmin GPS

Garmin announced at CES its new nüvi 780 GPS unit, which will integrate Microsoft’s MSN Direct service.

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