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Search Insider Summit – Keyword Services Platform

Microsoft adCenter

The sponsored lunch today at Search Insider Summit comes from Microsoft adCenter which included a demo of their new Keyword Services Platform and add-in to Excel 2007.

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Microsoft AdCenter: An Insight

Over the past one year of its launch Microsoft adCenter has grown a lot. Won’t say that it matches up with Google’s adWords and Yahoo’s ad serving system but still it is doing a remarkable job.

A brief history, Microsoft adCenter was launched in March 2006 in US. It became live in UK in August and in February this year in Canada.

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Microsoft adCenter Debuts In The US

All of Microsoft’s online properties will carry paid search traffic delivered by adCenter, which has been in testing in France and Singapore, and is now setting its sights directly on the United States.

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“The New Kid in Town”: MSN AdCenter

If you use Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture) for your pay per click advertising, you’ll want to "listen up".

There’s a new competitor on the scene "MSN Ad Center". Microsoft’s pay per click program is called "MSN Keywords" which is the first of several advertising options they have planned.

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Demographic Targeting with Google AdWords

On the heels of MSN AdCenter’s demographic profiling aspirations, Google AdWords now offers demographic site selection with gender, age, and household income as the demographic categories available. The demographic information comes from ComScore. h/t Andy

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MSN adCenter Open Enrollment

Precise demographic targeting is the wave of the future, and adCenter has delivered an advanced platform that’s poised to deliver enormous value to search marketers.

Microsoft’s adCenter PPC ad platform has excited search marketers since it appeared in beta form last year. Why? Because for the first time, we can target searchers by age, gender and to some extent, by lifestyle.

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MSN adCenter Opens Monday

During a brief three-hour window on March 6, MSN will open up adCenter pilot testing to advertisers wishing to get an early start on their campaigns. Enrollment begins at 9 a.m. Monday for a $5 credit card charge after which advertisers can access their new accounts and begin creating their ads.

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MSN AdCenter: Preview Today, Flat Tomorrow

If you are curious about how ads from the forthcoming adCenter service will look after it replaces Overture this summer, a testing site lets visitors glimpse the future according to adCenter.

What it doesn’t show: the prospect of a leveled-off online ad marketplace.

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MSN adCenter Announcement Reported by WSJ

I’ve been speaking to journalists about the new MSN adCenter and they all tell me that they are under embargo until Wednesday.

Well, someone over at the WSJ didn’t get that memo. They went ahead and posted their story Tuesday night. The article reveals – so I’ll comment – details of the demographic data that MSN adCenter advertisers will have access to.

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