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Dina Eastwood: Has She Moved On Already?

The rumor mill has already started chugging along this morning with news that Dina Eastwood has rekindled a romance with her High School boyfriend, University of Hawaii assistant basketball coach Scott Fisher. A source reported to the National Enquirer that “Dina is in love with Scott. It’s like High School all over again.” Dina confirmed her split with Clint in …

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“Mrs. Eastwood” And Her Scene-Stealing Housekeeper

Clint Eastwood may be known for his angry squint and gravelly voice, but his family is about to become famous for their comedic timing after the new show “Mrs. Eastwood and Company” premiere last night. The show, which focuses on Eastwood’s wife Dina, their daughter Morgan, and housekeeper Lisa, started off with a bang as Dina and Lisa conspired to …

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