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Watch Out Apple, Creative’s Got the Patent

Creative Technology was awarded a patent for inventing the user interface for portable media players. The patent has been named the “Zen Patent” by Creative.

Microsofts Ten-Year-Old Pakistani Genius

Arfa Karim Randhawa has been getting a lot of press lately as Microsoft’s youngest Certified Professional at just ten years of age.

Search For Music Files With Google

Has Google introduced a music search function that’s similar to their video search feature? No, unfortunately not. But, thanks to a never-say-die user, there are adjustments you can make to your search string that can help locate these types of files.

MP3 Phones Are Coming

Back in May, I posted an item here agreeing with Bill Gates’ assessment that cell phones will eventually displace digital media players like the iPod.

Solving PDF Irritations In Firefox

Don’t you find it really irritating when you click on a link on a website or blog and then discover that the link is to a PDF file…

Podcasts: How Professional Should They Sound?

Podcasts are a growing internet phenomenon. I have discussed podcasts before along with some of their possibilities and potential uses.

Podcasting: Adding the human and informal touch

Some say it’s a revolution that will change radio broadcasting and people’s listening habits for ever. Others say it’s a fad that’s of limited appeal and use beyond geeks and enthusiasts.

MP3 Files Marked For Death

Nopir worm makes its way through peer-to-peer networks, wrecking media files and leaving an anti-piracy message in its wake.

Podcasting Popularity Continues To Increase
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Of the 22 million Americans who own MP3 players, including Apple’s iPod, about 29 percent have downloaded the audio files that make up a podcast.

Samsung Unveils Six New MP3 players

Samsung has unveiled six new portable MP3 players in an effort to better compete in the digital music player industry.

Samsung Ups Competition in MP3 Player Market

Samsung is looking to win market share in the MP3 music player business as it unveiled six new portable MP3 players.

Increased MP3 Player Sales Continue

With iPod’s enormous influence setting the table, the amount of portable mp3 players sold continues to skyrocket.

Audio — Dan Rosenzweig and Marc Andressen at Web 2.0

Great session hosted by John Battelle at the Web 2.0 conference last year featuring Yahoo COO Dan Rosenzweig and Netscape founder Mark Andressen.

GM Talks Blogs, Podcasting and RSS

Editors Note: Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz conducted an interview with General Motors’ Michael Wiley and kindly transcribed the contents for us. The basis for the interview was to discuss the future impact of blogs, RSS feeds, and podcasting (the medium used for the interview).

Emerging Artists Turn to MP3 Blogs for Marketing

Independent musicians are looking to blogs as a powerful avenue for music promotion, top-40charts.com reports.

PR Blogger Steve Rubel Podcast Interview

My buddies down under at the G’Day World podcast recently had the kindness to interview me about blogging, PR, CooperKatz and even doing the laundry.

Accessing ID3 Tags (external .mp3)

In Flash MX you have the capability to load an external mp3 sound file into a flash movie using the Sound.loadSound() method. In the latest release of the Flash 6 Player it is possible to access the ID3 tags embedded in an mp3 encoded file. Unfortuneatley you cannot access the ID3 tags in an mp3 file until it has *fully* loaded, this is fine when you are using the Sound.attachSound() method but it causes problems when you are loading an external sound into the player…

Using Music in Flash Design
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As Internet bandwidth increases, people expect richer and more stimulating experiences from web sites. More and more webmasters now turn to music as the “next step” in making their web sites and Flash presentations a more immersing experience.