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Amazon Challenges iTunes

Amazon.com has launched a public beta of "Amazon MP3," a new digital download store with DRM free music.

Wal-Mart Launches DRM- Free Downloads

Wal-Mart said today that it is launching "DRM-free" MP3 music downloads. Single tracks will be 94 cents a piece and a whole album will sell for $9.22.

Microsoft Jams To MP3 Verdict Win

The patent battle between Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent over digital music patents took a twist when a judge decided Microsoft won’t have to pay a $1.52 billion jury verdict.

Experiment with GOOG-411

Google recently released their new Voice Local Search in beta, also known as “GOOG-411″, and I thought I’d kick the tires a bit. They also mentioned it on their new Google Lat Long Blog.

Yahoo & Friends to Challenge iPod

A new consortium of challengers has banded together to dethrone Apple as the undisputed champion of portable media devices. Yahoo, Sandisk, and Zing have teamed up to release a new wireless mp3 player that the companies hope will steal away some market share from the iPod.

New Music Download Model: 98 Cents, obo

You have to like a business model that is pure supply and demand.

Ding! Microsoft Told To Pay $1.5B For MP3

Microsoft blasted a decision made in US District Court in San Diego calling for the company to pay Alcatel-Lucent $1.5 billion for infringing on MP3 technology patents they own.

MP3 Player Robs ATM

Technology has allowed criminals to become more creative in their methods of robbery, as a United Kingdom gang member managed to steal credit card secrets of ATM users with an ordinary MP3 player.

MP3 Players With Hearing Aids?
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Swiss hearing aid maker Phonak expects to cash in on people who use MP3 Players. CEO Valentin Chapero said, “”Due to the noise exposure, especially among the young, we are witnessing the creation of a hearing loss bubble in years to come”

Google Censorship (What we can no longer find)

I am a big fan of Google, for all the things that Google stands for, and for all the amount of content that I generate about the company, I really do like them.

Hacking Google Talk’s Voicemail to Play MP3

Amit Agarwal has discovered that Google Talk’s new voicemail feature utilizes the Google Video player and can be hacked to play any MP3 of your choice.

Conversation w/ Eric Mattson At MarketingMonger

Eric Mattson of MarketingMonger is on a mission to have 1,000 conversations with marketers, and to present them all as podcasts.

Converting Skype Voicemail to MP3

I discovered a neat trick with Skype voicemail – how to convert a phone message from Skype’s proprietary audio format into an MP3 file which you can then use in other applications or share it with others.

DRM Hurts Battery Life?

Engadget posts that CNet’s MP3 Insider studied several MP3 players and discovered that you lose several hours of battery life when playing DRM music.

Podcasting choices: Audacity or Adobe Audition?
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When I started podcasting, I used the free cross-platform audio editor Audacity as my application of choice for recording and editing audio.

Sprint Rolls Blog Influencer Feedback Program

Like Jeff Jarvis Sprint has offered me a Samsung SPH-A900 MP3 wireless phone plus six months of free service in return for my feedback.

Forbes’ Daniel Lyons Backs Off a Bit on Blogs

Sam Whitmore has snagged a podcast interview with Daniel Lyons, the author of Forbes’ controversial cover story on blogs.

Podcasting At BlogOn

Last week at BlogOn I sat down for a podcast with Cameron Reilly from the Podcast Network

Yahoo Launches Podcast Directory

Yahoo has launched a podcasting site, a place that’s not only a directory of podcasts but also a great resource of rich information on podcasting generally, and a one-stop-shop for your podcasts and music purchasing.

Search Is FAR From Being Done

The dinner tonight was really fun. Renee and Paul Mooney put together quite a great group of more than 30 geeks.

Creative Ships Virus with MP3 Players

Creative Technology has accidentally shipped about 3,700 Zen MP3 players with a windows virus on them, and has recalled them.