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Blockbuster Purchases Movielink

Blockbuster has announced that it has purchased Movielink, a movie download service the price of the deal has not been released.

Movielink Debuts Burn To DVD Service
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Movielink launched a new service today that will allow customers to download films with copy-protection software that can be burned to DVD. The new service is a result of a licensing agreement between Movielink and Sonic Solutions.

Googler Backs Feedster; Redlitz Off To Startup

Feedster is expected to announce tomorrow that company president Chris Redlitz is leaving the blog and syndicated content engine to join a startup company to launch later this month. He will be replaced with Tyler Goldman, formerly of Movielink, as the company restructures its team with new talent.

Movies For Sale Online Legally!

Except for the high prices, restrictive usage terms, and no extras a la typical DVDs, Hollywood has at least attempted to enter the downloadable movie market.