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Google Glass Is Now Officially Banned in Theaters, Shockingly

In oh, no shit news, commonly out-of-touch organization the Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners have updated their little rulebook, inserting language that specifically bans wearable tech like Google Glass. Since the MPAA and NATO have always banned possible recording devices (like cellphones) inside theaters, this can come as a shock to no one. …

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Google Glass Banned in Famously Strict Movie Theater

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, a Texas-based movie theater chain that is currently in the process of expanding to new and bigger markets, is notorious for forcing proper moviegoing etiquette. The Alamo Drafthouse doesn’t allow kids under the age of 18 without parental accompaniment. It doesn’t allow patrons to enter a theater after the feature has begun. It enforces a strict …

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Theater Says Siri Will Ruin Your Life If You Talk Or Text During Movie

Movie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse, known for its strict moviegoing etiquette policies, is showing a humorous new message to patrons, warning them to turn their phones off. It features Siri (apparently doing a John Wayne accent) warning that use of phones is prohibited. Don’t Talk – Siri from Alamo Drafthouse on Vimeo. This comes as Alamo Drafthouse is promoting the …

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