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Accused Tampa Shooter Claims He Feared For His Life

A day after being arrested for the fatal shooting of 43-year-old Chad Oulson, former police officer, Curtis Reeves is claiming he acted out of fear. The 71-year-old “had every right to defend himself” when hit with an unknown object, which witnesses claimed was theater popcorn. The defendant’s attorney stated in court today that the case against Reeves was “weak” and …

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Movie Theater Shooter May Use Stand Your Ground Law

The 71-year old man who shot and killed a fellow movie-goer on Monday for texting during a screening of “Lone Survivor” may use the “stand your ground” defense. Curtis Reeves Jr. told police that when he asked Chad Oulson to stop texting during the movie, Oulson refused. After Reeves left the theater to complain to management, he was confronted by …

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Movie Theater Shooting: Sign of Lax Gun Laws?

Many are baffled by the senseless shooting that occurred at a Wesley Chapel, Florida movie theater on Monday. What allegedly transpired involved a 71-year-old retired police captain named Curtis Reeves becoming livid at Chad and Nicole Oulson over texting. The couple in front of him’s texting noises were bothering him, and Reeves reportedly asked them to stop. They failed to …

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Movie Theater Shooting: One Dead Over Texting Dispute

Texting while driving can be deadly, but who would have thought that texting while seeing a movie could be too? Well, that’s exactly what happened on Monday during a “Lone Survivor” showing at Cobb Theater in Tampa, Fla. Curtis Reeve, 71, fatally shot 43-year-old Chad Oulson in the chest for texting on his phone during movie previews. The altercation started …

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Texting Man Shot To Death In Movie Theater

A movie-goer who wouldn’t put his phone away was fatally shot inside a Florida movie theater on Monday afternoon, authorities say. The incident occurred at a screening of “Lone Survivor” at the Cobb CineBistro at Grove 16 in Pasco County. Investigators say the shooting came after an altercation between two couples when a man began making noise during the movie …

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Batman Mask And Violent Drawing Found in Colorado Shooter’s Apartment

Many of the readers here at WebProNews have memories of the awful tragedy that took place in Aurora, Colorado in July of last year. During a midnight viewing of Christopher Nolan’s “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises,” a young man named James Holmes, aged twenty four, burst into the feature, about thirty minutes in, and commenced with a fifteen-minute-long reign of …

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