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Redbox Streaming Service On The Way

Verizon and Redbox parent company Coinstar announced a joint venture, which will results in a streaming service for the popular movie rental service. The new service is supposed to launch in the second half of the year under a subscription-based model. Redbox’s offerings today, are of course kiosk-based. People can go up to a kiosk at a grocery store, a …

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The Criterion Collection Comes To iTunes

Among cinephiles, The Criterion Collection is pretty much a holy organization. Established in 1984, the folks at Criterion’s goal has been to gather the world’s best and most important films from all over the world and distribute them in the highest possible quality. Criterion is oftentimes able to bring to life forgotten classics and films that have fallen off even …

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Facebook Movie Rentals Concept Expanded Thanks To Paramount

More movies are available for rent directly through Facebook, using Facebook Credits. Why is this significant news? Because this time, the titles come from Paramount, indicating that more studios are eyeing this as a potential option for film distribution. Warner Bros. was early to test the waters here. Months back, the company made The Dark Knight available for rent via …

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