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Two Character Posters For “Thor: Dark World” Revealed

Marvel’s “Phase 2″ got off to an interesting start with Iron Man 3, and next up on the docket is Thor: Dark World; news that will undoubtedly give all the Chris Hemsworth-loving ladies the vapors, and with good reason: the new posters do look really good. Granted, these character posters are about what you would expect from Marvel Studios, a …

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“Iron Man 3″ Posters Are Incredibly Detailed And Beautiful

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s boutique division, Mondo, has worked up 3 gorgeous posters for the premiere of “Iron Man 3″ which will be available on Friday, and fans are sure to eat them up. But act quickly, because these are extremely limited edition. The first one will only have a run of 450 prints and goes for $50. (image) The second …

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Cool Movie Posters Make Me Want To Hoard Movie Items

(image) Classic movies have a way of bringing out emotions that as an adult we hardly ever feel anymore. When you think of Raiders of the lost Ark or The last Crusade or Batman, it brings me back to when I was a kid putting the VHS tape in and sitting indian style in front of the tube TV! French …

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The Illustrative Works of Drew Struzan

Unless you are a professional or aspiring illustrator, you probably don’t know who Drew Struzan is. But if you have been to a movie in the past 30 years, you probably know his work, you just didn’t know it. We have covered a lot of different takes on classic movie posters here at webpronews, all of them unique and creative …

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Another Re-Imagining of Famous Movie Posters

Kevin Tong is a freelance illustrator in Los Angelos, California. Included here is some of his work inspired by film favorites, with some other pop culture influences thrown in. You can purchase some of these, and others at Kevin Tong Illustration. Or you can also see his work on his Facebook Page. (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) …

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