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Facebook To Cry Uncle Over Beacon

Sources say Facebook is near to announcing changes to its Beacon marketing platform after pressure from privacy advocates over the last week.

Privacy Backlash Hits Social Networking

Aggressive advertising, unwanted friends, and employer-snooping into social networking profiles may dull the edge of being on sites like Facebook and MySpace.

MoveOn Launches Campaign Against Facebook
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Facebook is busy ruining Christmas, and that’s the least of the worries. Violations of user privacy are higher on the worry list, and MoveOn.org has launched an online petition and ad campaign against Facebook’s brand new "Beacon" program.

Fox Pushed To Free Presidential Debate Videos

Followers of politics won’t see Michelle Malkin and DailyKos on the same page very often, but the cease and desist letters Fox News issued to Republican Presidential candidates regarding the use of debate videos have put them on the same side again.

Google Complains About Censorship Charge
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After blowing away ads aimed at criticizing MoveOn.org by name, Google’s public policy wonks fired back and asserted that trademarks, not politics, played a role.

MoveOn Blamed For Net Neutrality Failure

What had been a bipartisan look at the future of Internet access, and if broadband firms should be able to charge content providers a premium in exchange for guaranteed digital delivery, became a partisan issue after MoveOn entered the debate.

MoveOn Blasts MySpace Over Censorship
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MoveOn’s executive director Eli Pariser called MySpace a "serial censorer of user-generated content" and presented a litany of complaints about the social networking site’s practices.

ATT Unites MoveOn & Christian Coalition

Something historic has happened in Washington. MoveOn.org joined hands with the Christian Coalition to jump all over a Democrat and a corporation. Be sure to check the window regularly for flying pigs (keep an eye out for the droppings too). What could have happened to bring these two together? A congressman’s stance (or lack of) on Net Neutrality.

Goodmail Hated By Left And Right

The plans by Yahoo and AOL to utilize the services of email certification firm Goodmail have brought together two bitter political rivals to denounce the service.

Online Activists’ Lessons For Online Business
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Over a 48-hour period, the online political activist site MoveOn.org, ran a groundbreaking online Democratic primary that netted 317,647 votes — far more than actual turnout in many states’ actual Presidential primaries.