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Ariana Grande Mourning Grandfather’s Passing

Ariana Grande lost her beloved grandfather, 90-year-old Frank Grande, this past week to cancer, and even watched her brother, Frankie Grande–a Big Brother contestant–receive the news while on the show. Both the Problem singer and her brother–as well as their whole family–are now in mourning. Ariana appreciated all the support she received from her friends and family, as well as …

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Marilyn Manson Mourns The Death Of His Mother

You would have never pegged Marilyn Manson as the sensitive type; however, it turns out he is. Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, lost his mother Barbara J. Warner last week, when she passed away after fighting an intense battle with dementia. She was only 68-years-old. Manson, who is known for his dark side and heavy metal rock music, …

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Dog Buries Puppy, Not “Heartbreaking” as Some Assume

It didn’t take long for the “dog buries puppy” thing to trend. Long story short: A dog “somewhere in [the] Middle East,” as the Daily Mail describes it, came across a deceased puppy in a ditch, then spent a few minutes burying the corpse. On a human level, it seemed poignant . . . A dog, wandering down the road, …

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