Japan Developing Interactive Plants

Japan Developing Interactive Plants

By Chris Gabbard April 4, 2012

Japan has been producing 76% of the world’s weird s*** since 1952. It’s a fact. The country that brought us interactive digital pets like Tamagotchi and Nintendogs is now going interactive with house plants. Researchers at Keio University in Japan …

Beware Of eBay Motors Scam

A new threat against visitors to eBay Motors from a Trojan attempts to use a man in the middle attack that seems to do more than just phish a username and password from people.

eBay Keeps Its Affiliates In Context
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Affiliates with online marketplace eBay feed the site visitors, and the people they pass along who register and buy on eBay add up to profits for the website and for the affiliates too.

Corporate Blog Marketing Explained

CRM Magazine has a great article that answers many questions about corporate blogs and online reputation monitoring.

General Motors Trims 25,000 From Payroll: Is It Enough?

The world’s largest automaker announced yesterday they would eliminate 25,000 jobs from their rolls, mostly through attrition as a number of employees approach retirement. The move by the once might GM would save $2.5 billion annually according the report presented by GM chief, Rick Wagoner at the annual stockholders’ meeting.

Oklahoma Stand By General Motors

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry held a rally at the State’s Capitol to show his support for the General Motors Oklahoma City Assembly Plant.

General Motors Reports Biggest Loss Since 1992

General Motors reported a loss of $1.1 billion, or $1.95 per share for consolidated net income for the first quarter of 2005.

GM: Poster child for the executive blog

Since General Motors began the GM FastLane Blog in early January, it’s attracted considerable attention from business communicators. That attention has been sparked by who the bloggers are – senior corporate executives, starting with GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz.

General Motors Discusses Blogging

Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz interviewed Michael Wiley from General Motors about the future impact of blogs, RSS feeds, and podcasting.

Mitsubishi Motors Compensates DaimlerChrysler

Mitsubishi Motors is compensating DaimlerChrysler for losses on its investment in Mitsubishi’s truck business caused by defect cover-ups.

GM Executive Blog and the Role of PR
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General Motors’ Vice Chairman, Bob Lutz, is not the only one blogging The FastLane Blog, GM’s executive blog.

Mitsubishi Motors Gets Bailed Out Again

Mitsubishi Motors is getting a lifeline of $5.25 billion from its affiliated companies, after getting $4.8 billion just 8 months ago.