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Ask, “ET” Partner
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You may or may not be able to monitor the pulse of a nation through search terms, but in this case, that’s something of a non-issue; a partnership between Ask and “Entertainment Tonight” will only focus on celebrity names.

Walter Mossberg Prefers Ask Over Google?
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Allow me to be blunt: Ask.com has run some really crappy advertisements in the past few weeks, and there’s no telling how much money the company wasted on that nonsense.  Yet Ask has now received a positive review in a very public place: Walter Mossberg’s column.

No Java, Flash, .NET/Silverlight for iPhone?

Apple announced third-party apps for the iPhone. Sounds a LOT like Adobe’s new AIR. Delivers HTML and JavaScript apps down to the phone via Safari. What’s interesting is what Steve Jobs left out.

No Java. So, can’t run Kyte.tv’s application. Can’t run the Google Maps application I’m using on my Nokia. Can’t run something cool coming soon from eBay that I’m testing out. Can’t run Radar.net. Etc. Etc.

Mossberg Reviews Vox Private Blog Tools

Walter Mossberg takes a close look at the new private blog tools available from Vox.

Walt likes Ask.com (My Ego Search Disagrees)

Walt Mossberg likes Ask.com, says John Battelle.

Mossberg Favors Ask.com over Google

The WSJ’s Walter Mossberg is known for his critical reviews of just about anything technology related.

Former Microsofties Create Flickr Competitor

Thomas Hawk reports that some former Microsoft execs have started a photo sharing site called Vizrea, and they are getting some great press.

Walt Mossberg Comes Out Against Google Autolink

Walt Mossberg weighs in on Google Autolink in tomorrow’s paper (WSJ.com subscription required). Basically his stance is consistent …

Switching To a Mac Isn’t For Everyone

Ever think about dumping your Windows-based PC and buying a Mac … Perhaps one of those gorgeous-looking G4 PowerBooks …

Caveats With New Microsoft AntiSpyware

I’ve been using the new free Microsoft AntiSpyware tool released in beta last week. What impressed me in particular is it’s real-time preventative approach.