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Mosquito Repellents: 5 Must-Try Natural Remedies

It never fails. Just as soon as the weather warms up and you’re ready to spend more time outdoors…here come the mosquitoes! You’re probably already calculating how much extra money you’re going to have to spend in order to keep the annoying little blood-suckers at bay. If you haven’t already considered it, natural mosquito repellents may be the way to …

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Terminex Creates New Mosquito Repellent

Terminix is offering a new mosquito repellant that they claim is both effective and environmentally friendly. The service is available to both residential and commercial customers and includes their newest mosquito control technology. This new technology just happens to be garlic oil. The mosquitos and many other types of bugs do not like the scent of the oil and will …

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Mosquito Repellent by Terminix Naturally Kills Yard Insects With Garlic Oil

Build a better mosquito repellent and the world will be at your doorstep. Or at least that’s what the people at Terminix think. In a press release, the company announced that is offering an environmentally friendly service starting in April, with hopes that it will expand nationwide starting in June. Doing away with repellent altogether, the service is designed to …

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